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About us

We launched the Hungarian Architects' first information and communication forum - an architectural on-line magazine - on the Internet on March 15, 2001. After half year of testing period we published our existence via press releases on October 16, 2001.

By 2012 epiteszforum.hu became the most visited, daily updated professional on-line magazine with more than 5000 unique visitors per day (visits). Now the site consist of thousands of web pages which inform the public about the most important issues of our built environment, professional acknowledgements, prizes, design competitions, new buildings and submissions. Besides presenting independent artists and architects we publish longer essays and studies in the branching out fields of architecture. These publications are always available on the Internet supporting education and research.

We take advantages of the unique possibilities of networking: we invite the users to participate in the content editing so we accomplish the model of interactivity in practice. Moulding opinions mutuality plays significant role. Our audience is active in communication, articulate different opinions which generates feedback for the professionals, too. In the magazine we provide place for introduction and presentation of architects and their works for free. We embedded our skills in architecture, media, technology and web services by developing custom-designed on-line communication strategies and software packages.

Our aim is to raise the general level of the culture of architecture and our built environment in Hungary by channelling the flows of communication between professionals, decision makers and non-professionals, to widely distribute the values of architecture and our built environment. We create forum where many architects can present their thoughts and works; they can give and receive critics which helps competition stay pure and strengthen confidence in the profession. We provide a central space in the network for everyone who has something to say or who has questions about the surrounding built environment.

One of the founder of the epiteszforum.hu (Hungarian ArchitectForum) Mihály Vargha [1952-2010] dipl. eng. architect, who was an important representative of the Hungarian architectural media, member of several boards and councils of design, and the Association of Hungarian Architects. He has been the editor-in-chief of New Hungarian Architecture, the Association's magazine before starting up the portal.

The other founder of the portal is Erika Katalina Pasztor dipl. eng. architect, who had postgraduate studies in media and economy at Budapest University of Economy (1999-2001) and owns diploma of audiovisual design. She is a new media artist and designer, associate professor of the Visual Communication Department of the Hungarian University of Arts & Design.

The directors of epiteszforum.hu are Hajnalka Rab dipl. eng. Architect.

Our main cooperating partners:
Association of Hungarian Architects, Budapest Architect Chamber. The epiteszforum.hu works with the financial assistance of the Hungarian Cultural Foundation.